Renowned showbiz personality Mathira has slammed divorce rumors saying that she hasn’t spoken to any news channels and publication about it.

The rumors about Mathira divorce with Dubai based singer Flint J has been doing the rounds since yesterday evening. The starlet has finally responded to it and has cleared all speculation on the matter.

“I am really shocked that people are claiming that I have been talking to them about my personal life which is absolutely not true because I do have some issues in my personal life but I haven’t spoken to anyone,” she said in an exclusive conversation with Celebdhaba.

“People are spreading rumors about my divorce are all fake. I would like to tell people please leave me alone; respect my privacy because I can’t take this bull shit. I am not well and I don’t need this type of shit,” she further added.

The actress also told us that on her request some bloggers had removed fake news about her divorce and also sent their sincerely apology for their act but there were many who had been using her relationship to earn their vested interest.

“For God sake, please don’t use anyone personal relationship to earn good TRP’s and likes on your Facebook page. It’s a sensitive matter and I would really appreciate if media will respect the privacy of the matter,” she stated.

Mathira married a Dubai based singer, Flint J in a private ceremony in Pakistan in 2013. She made her marriage public a year later and even then she showed a desire to keep her relationship to herself.

“I am a person who keeps her family life secret. Relationships are very fragile so I avoid talking about them,” she said in an interview earlier.

The couple has a son, Aahil Rizvi who was born in 2014