Farhad Humayun Syed has served a legal notice to Coca Cola for violating intellectual property rights in a recent television advertisement.

In what appears to be a blatant show of plagiarism, a Coca Cola TVC in the name and style of “Coke and Music” has used Farhad Humayun’s version of “Neray Aah’s” distinct vocalization, guitar rhythm, tempo, music accents, vocal melody, and delivery to broadcast its TVC on general television and YouTube/Instagram/Twitter as a teaser for the newest Coke Studio season.

“ Stealing so Blatantly & shamelessly- They have lifted the groove, melody, staccato vocalization, accents, tempo from my song, not the film version nor the coke studio version(which is also my arrangement). This has to stop!  Says “ Farhad Humayun 

The blatant infringement of Farhad Humayun’s content by Coca Cola is a great disappointment as the corporation professes to champion the efforts of the local music industry but has acted otherwise. The artist has, therefore, been forced to seek justice through legal channels.