Singer turned actor Farhan Saeed is all set to take another giant step in his career and has decided to go behind the camera as the director of Hamza Malik’s upcoming music video.

For the past few days we have seen a lot of pictures of two singers being circulating on social media – increasing fans’ curiosity about their collaboration. Now the big secret is out as we know about their new venture.

Hamza Malik told Celebdhaba that the plan to work together was made during a casual meeting.

“We had some casual conversation of what I was working on and he had some interesting ideas in mind so it happened without any planning,” Malik told us.

On the other hand, Farhan Saeed also didn’t make any plans for it – he liked the concept and decided to opt for it.

“I have been part of making concepts for my own music videos but never directed them. When I heard Hamza ‘s song, I really liked it and thought why not to try my hands on video direction this time,” Farhan shared with us.

Saeed also stated that he pulled off this project well only with a help of a great team.

“I didn’t find directing music video challenging at all as I was working with the same team for years. My producer, Parmesh Adiwal and DOP Salman Razzaq were of great help as we understand each other and it wasn’t first time that we worked together,” he further added.

The music video features Hamza Malik and Iqra Aziz in the lead whereas music maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has also joined Hamza Malik on the vocals.

“Working with Khan sahib was a very amazing experience and I have learnt a lot from his work ethics and professionalism. I have come to learn that bigger stars are relatively easier to work and they never let their skills of juniors overshadow with their charismatic presence. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sb is a national treasure and I grew a lot as an artist in his company, Hamza Malik told us while sharing his experience working with RFK.


The shoot of the music video has already been kicked off in Karachi – prominent cafes in the city and Port Grand have been chosen as the main shooting locations.

Grown up in the United States of America, Hamza Malik is the young Pakistani singer who has impressed everyone with his debut song, Soneya.