The trailer for the upcoming film Fast and Furious 9 has come out and yes as expected the film is fully loaded with action some bad ass cars and a lot of family misunderstandings. As the trailer starts off with Dom Toretto and Letty Toretto with their son the trailer soon takes a turn as John Cena is introduced to the trailer as the main villain.

Yes, John Cena will be playing the role of Jakob Toretto, the brother of Dom Toretto who turns out to be a villain and is hungry for revenge from his brother. Well you can’t expect a person from the Toretto family being a villainous person however things are different this time.

Charlize Theron will be reprising her role as the cyber terrorist cipher and Hellen Mirren will be playing the role Magdalene Shaw the mother of Deckard Shaw which was played by Jason Statham. Both the characters had made her their debut in the film Fate Of The Furious.

Well that’s not it the film will also be bringing back Sung Kang as Han, Lucas Black as Sean Boswell, and Jason Tobin as Earl, so all you who were thinking Han was killed by Shaw well guys there you have it Han is back once again and people have gone crazy about his return to the squad once again.

Fast and Furious 9 fully loaded with action is all set to release on 22 May 2020.