Faysal Qureshi has joined the cast for the upcoming web series Badshah Begum, a web series which will be focusing on Sibling Rivalry and have ant twists and turns. The web series has been penned by Saji Gul who also wrote ‘O Rangreza’ and the it is being produced by Rafay Rashdi.

We asked Faysal Qureshi about his working experience and he told us “We are at the initial stage of the project where we are focusing mainly on the script, the characters’ their character sketches.”

He further added on “this is my first time I’ll be playing alongside Iman, and we have been in talks for this web series since many days but finally we just announced it today also I have been getting a good response and I am really positive about this role.”

Faysal Qureshi also shared us the story for his upcoming web series revealing “Baadshah Begum is about sibling rivalry – and a constant struggle for the throne of power within the family and the community. It deals with some hard hitting subjects. Inheritance, education, family politics, women emancipation, and empowerment, gender inequality, and male dominance. In a nutshell it’s an effort to highlight the issues which people refrain to touch or discuss. Web series is the perfect platform to showcase this story, I believe.

Talking about his character he told us “I will be embodying the arch villain / nemesis in this series – he plays a family member who vows to bring down the sibling rivalry through his twisted and evil mended ways, with thought provoking methods which goes against the systematic approach of the family. My character will have shades of antagonism, which caters to the boundaries of webseries.”


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