FIA had conducted a successful raid on people who were organizing cybercrime through Channel Timez. Channel Timez has now been shut down. The people who were running it used to scam people by telling them to invest in the business and the currency used during the transactions were in Dollars.

It is reported that 3 people have been taken in custody by FIA and the raid was conducted on Saturday night. The scammers identities have still not been revealed however videos and headlines are surfacing the internet and on news channels.  The prisoners who are taken into custody earned through peoples earnings by leading them into investing in this certain business known as the Channel Timez and faked themselves by obtaining a fake Italian website.

Several people reported that the website looked fake but the incomes that they were getting were quite good and were in profit so none of the investors complain. The group consists of three men who started this from One Coin which dissolved as it was a Ponzi scheme and was a complete scam after that this group started Channel Timez and showed themselves as they were Block Chaining however they were just looting people and were earning pretty  good from it.

As reported by ARY news the prisoners have earned uptil 16 million US dollars through people, FIA has said that when the group was arrested they had a total of 11,000 accounts that were running on a complete scam. People please beware of the internet scams and taking place and think many times before investing in any sort of business found online.

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