Fashion Pakistan Week hosted a line-up of 20 exuberant designers and their ensembles created with impeccable craftsmanship and finesse. With 15 designers remaining to showcase their latest semi-formal, formal and bridal collections, seven of them displayed their stellar designs on Day 2 leaving fashion enthusiasts wanting more on the third and last day of the showing.

Show Opener:Stella Jean – LaboratorioDelleNazioni (An Italian – Pakistan bridge)

Stella Jean is a Haitian-Italian and first black Italian designer who lives and works in Rome and is considered to be Giorgio Armani’s protégé. Her work often merges classical Italian tailoring with African and Caribbean themes and imagery from Haiti, resulting in a cultural fusion of her own identity. Her collection showcase LaboratorioDelleNazioni was a multicultural collaboration with the local artisans of Chitral, Gilgit and Hunza, who shared and combined Italian design with their centuries-old tradition, and hand-embroidered over 300 meters of typical floral motifs in chain stitch for the Stella Jean collection. Forty-six women, under the guidance of Karishma Ali made the pieces for Jean’s collection, 19 of which transformed needling into embroidery with their own hands. The Truck Art design in the collection as well as the hand painted brogues were made by Truck artists of Lahore. White on red, blue and orange outfits with Chitrali motifs and intricate embroidery were seen on the ramp. Karishma Ali walked out with Stella Jean for the final bow.

HumayunAlamgir – Style Mara touDarna Kya

Following the ethos of, ‘these men shall be who they want to be’, the ensembles echoed the European influence that has been massive over the years. The pieces followed the basic understanding that fashion has been derived from people with high social positions. He used bold, flamboyant, royal and elite designs to showcase this season conveying the message of fashion requiring a fearless approach. The collection featured long coats, long boots, wool, velvet and even fur which is a standing testament of being unconventional yet comfortable.Shehzad Sheikh, opened the show for Humayun followed by Agha Ali in a red velvet sherwani, FahadMirza in a black velvet suit, Ali Safina in a colorful blazer, Asad Siddiqui in a deep purple velvet suit andMuneeb Butt in sky blue. The boys had the crowd in cheers and the energy on the ramp was electrifying.

The Pink Tree Company – Color in Technicolor

Pink Tree Company took to the ramp in an explosion of color. Their collection was an ode to the high contrast, vivacious hues that are found in cinema frames and our memories. Those of us who have a passion for cinema are well aware of a credit ‘Life in Technicolour’ – the all too familiar line that rolled in at the end of classics such as Wizzard of Oz, Aan, Anarkali and Gone With The Wind. Embellished in various techniques of zardozi in glittering gold, the collection sparked memories of an era when cinema was magical, stars distant and glittering in their finery. The pieces commemorated the visual gala of color, along with the grandeur of Ali Javeri’s Jewelry. The show came to an extravagant end as NavinWaqarwalked as a showstopper in a color coordinated number with gota work and gold embroidery that paid homage to the technicolor theme.


ZuriaDor – Centre of Gravity

ZuriaDor’s collection was a representation of women and their strength as the ‘Centre of Gravity’. The 18-piece collection was divided into nine modern pieces that were showcased in Paris, as well as nine regional pieces that defined the craft and artistry of couture. The collection pieces were crafted with great precision and thought. With a mix of edgy and delicate patterns, floral and geometric design elements intricately hand-crafted on rich, luxe fabrics, the designer left the audience wanting for more.

Zellbury – Shahi Rendezvous

Set in the 21st century, the collection was inspired by the flora and fauna of Mughal Art. Coveted in modern designs and aesthetics, while picking up on new fashion trends, it focused on the woman who wishes to shine through her individuality. The brightly colored collection, with loose cuts and drapery emphasized inclusivity and independence for the real woman. The incredible journey of women from the Mughal Era to modern day was executed by socially attuned designs made for the ‘Romantic and Revolutionary’ woman of principles who is strongly connected to her roots. Each outfit reflected Zellbury’s signature style with expressive prints with an array of micro-stripes infused with Mughal motifs, collage styles and flattering affects which offered an arresting modern portrait of a real woman.HinaAltaf was the showstopper for Zellbury.

Splash – Street Style

Splash showcased a splash of modern cuts and styles. Considered the biggest fashion brand in the Middle East, international flare made its way to the Pakistani runway. With an extensive array of clothes for men, women and teens, the collection had ode’s of sustainability as well as modern fashion. Taking inspiration from the global phenomenon of ‘Street Style’, Splash showcased their fun loving, vibrant, funky and forever young collection with on-trend cuts, accessories and bold colors that will carry through the seasons.

Maheen Khan – Something old something new something borrowed something not so blue

Finally, the evening came to a close with a breathtaking show by Maheen Khan.An eclectic, curated collection of upcycled samples made their way on the runway from the Maheen archives, some old, some new,some borrowed from their new collaborative effort with Indoi and SundusTalpur – asculptur and jeweller. Indoi is a conscious clothing brand based in London that uses handwoven fabrics from Pakistan. Sundus is a spectacular jewelry designer working with textiles and craft to create her magical pieces.The collection celebrated a legacy of strong women who fought for something else, something new, something different.Leading influencer moms including SalimaFeerasta, Fuzzy Faruque, AmalQadri and others ended the night with a powerful and flirtatious walk.