Kami Sid

‘The future is not coming, it is here and now’ Kami Sid makes Pakistan Proud Internationally

Back in the day there was no respectful language for transgender people. It’s not easy to face the world when you are constantly being looked down upon for your sexuality. Almost every other transgender person has to face the abusive behavior in the society they live in.

Unlike all of us, a transgender career path is not simple and straight, for they have to make extra efforts to be accepted in the world of ‘commoners‘. To prove themselves efficient enough, people like Kami Sid choose to take the tough path in order to make their lives better.

Kami Sid is an ardent activist for her country’s transgender community, despite threats, prejudice and the concerns of her family.

Kami Sid’s short film ‘Rani’ won accolades for ‘Best Writer’ at the NBC Universal Short Film Festival held in Los Angeles.

‘Rani’ is a socially outcast transgender woman (Kami Sid) who sets out to take care of an abandoned child. Set in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan she faces waves of challenges, yet is determined to do the right thing.

Kami Sid

Speaking exclusively to Celebdhaba, Kami said: it’s a proud moment for me and my country. I received a standing ovation for my performance. Besides, I was also nominated in the best actress category.

Kami Sid

Every year, after a selection process of over 3,500 films, 14 were selected as semi-finalists and further narrowed down to six finalists. ‘Rani’ was amongst the final six films. I was humbled to be invited for the red carpet and award ceremony. The event was held at the Director Guilt of America (Theater). I wore a stunning creation by Deepak & Fahad.

Watch the trailer of Rani here:

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