Pakistan’s favourite pop rock band, Fuzon, is back with their new single, O Ki Jane, nearly after a decade – and as always they nailed it in an electrifying attempt.  

Based on the lyrics of famous sufi poet, Baba Bullay Shah, the song has been sung by the band’s new vocalist, Khurram Iqbal with Shallum and Emu joining him on the guitar and keyboard.

The video director, Babar Sheikh, has done a brilliant job in showing the complexities of life of a common man in an engaging manner. Presenting the stories of three different people, the video shows how they fulfill their quest to find inner peace in life.

As far as the music of the song is concerned, it stays true to Fuzon’s signature style and has upbeat and exhilarating sound. The more you listen to it, the more it grows on you – making it really impossible to come out of the mesmerizing effect it creates on you.

The band’s keyboardist, Emu in an interview with Images, defined the song as having an amalgam of ishq and elements of sufisim.

“It’s an upbeat, Punjabi song which really showcases all that we’ve learnt along the way. We’ve done a lot of research and hopefully that will show throughout the album. It’s music inspired by love and ishq and elements of Sufisim,” he revealed to Images.