Gary Dauberman To Direct Salem Lot
Gary Dauberman To Direct Salem Lot

Horror writer Gary Dauberman has been roped in to direct Stephen King’s adaptation of a Vampire tale titled as ‘Salem Lot’ Gary Dauberman who made his directorial debut with Annabelle: Comes Home will be directing the film and he will also be writing the script of the film.

James Wan, Roy Lee and Mark Wolper will be producing the project and the story of the film revolves around an author who return backs to his old home which has haunted him since childhood, the author finds out that the house has been bought by a mysterious European person and people in the town are turning into vampires.

Gary Dauberman has also written scripts for the film’s IT and IT: Chapter 2 both of them are also Stephen King adaptations which were global box office hits.

Not only this but Gary Dauberman revealed that the conjuring universe will be having two more spinoff’s which include the Bride and the Samurai which we saw in the Ed and Lorraine Warren house where they also kept the Annabelle.

Speaking about the Bride Gary Dauberman revealed “Lanky, pale, and prone to carrying a knife, “The Bride” is a demonically-possessed wedding dress who drives young brides-to-be to kill their grooms before they actually vow “‘till death do us part.” In Annabelle 3 the bride was played by Natalia Safran however it is still unknown who will be playing the actual role in the spinoff.

Salem Lot is currently under its first stages of production.