google ads blocking

Google begins blocking annoying ads on Chrome browser.

Google have taken action into their Chrome Browser that will stop showing others parties ads into browser. Might be this only show google adsense ads rest of other advertisers may be not work properly with google chrome.
Google has begun a new effort to block annoying ads on its Chrome browser, as part of an initiative aimed at improving the online advertising ecosystem that provides the bulk of its revenues.

Google Chrome is Blocking Ads

The new ad filtering system rolled out this week aims to eliminate the most irritating marketing messages such as pop-ups, auto-play video ads and “sticky” boxes which cannot be removed.

The system was implemented by Google in partnership with the Coalition for Better Ads, an association which includes the internet giant and a number of media and advertising partners.


The Coalition for Better Ads said in a statement Thursday it “is pleased by the large number of companies in the online ad industry that have embraced the Better Ads Standards and taken action on their own and with their business partners to discontinue the ad formats consumers find most annoying and disruptive.”