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Google Received 2.4 Million Takedown Requests Under EU’s ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Laws

Google world largest search engine on the world wide web. Although many big portals are posting daily and their content and website for submission for getting good traffic from google search engine.  on the other side, content writers have an issue to duplicate content on google search engine. where real owner request googles for taking down copyright content. Google has now been complying with the European Union’s controversial “right to be forgotten” laws, which the European Court of Justice first ruled applied to search engines in 2014, for three years. On Monday, the search giant released an updated version of its annual Transparency Report, which discloses how many and what kind of requests Google has received to delist pages from results and in how many instances the company complied.

2.4 Million Take Down Requests!

According to the report, it looks like the company is being asked to remove content an awful lot. From 2014-2017, it received approximately 2.4 million requests—though it only complied with 43 percent of them. About a third of the takedown requests pertained to individuals who wanted personal information like directories or social media histories scrubbed from the web, while an additional 20 percent covered an individual’s legal history (i.e., being mentioned in crime reports or on government pages).

Being the largest search engine its received huge requests from content owners and they also love to part with google search engine results just for the quality of searches and services.