‘Gul o Gulzar’ story is getting interesting day by day and we can’t wait to see what plan does Gul has in upcoming episodes!

In the first episode of Gul O Gulzar, we learn about the personalities of both the titular characters. Gulzar (saboor aly) is a naive and innocent girl who easily gets manipulated by Gul despite everyone around her warning her that Gul isn’t the best friend she thinks she is. Gul (Saboor Aly) on the other hand is an egoistic, manipulative and hard-headed girl who could go to any length to achieve what she wants—even if that means using her best friend Gulzar in the process. Gulzar, however, chooses to ignore everyone to support her friend.

Gul o gulzar Storyline Cast and OST
Gul o gulzar Storyline Cast and OST


Moving on to the second episode, we are introduced to the other essential characters in the tale of Gul O Gulzar such as Afaq (Gulzar’s brother) and Zeba (his soon-to-be bride) along with Adil, the mysterious lover. Throughout the episode we come to see the loving relationship between both siblings, Gulzar and Afaq along with their incredibly supportive father. Nonetheless, we witness more of Gul’s clever convincing and manipulation, making naive Gulzar believe and do just as she says without granting her the freedom to voice her opinion and Gulzar, being the loving bestfriend that she is, seems to be blindly content with it.

Gul o gulzar Cast Kinza Hasmi Saboor Ali
Gul o gulzar Cast Kinza Hasmi Saboor Ali

The episode comes to an end with Gulzar showing Gul a letter given by a secret admirer that addresses her as Haseena, to which Gul doesn’t pay much attention at first. However, Gulzar unintentionally mentioning that Adil had come in a car when he’d stopped her to give the letter somehow seems to intrigue Gul and attract all her attention at once, highlighting the very greediness and selfishness in her character that makes her the absolute opposite of the gullible and trusting, starry eyed Gulzar whose pure heart knows nothing more than to care for, love and believe without doubting even once especially when it comes to her beloved best friend.
The 3rd episode features Gul often meeting up with Gulzar’s lover, Adil, secretly behind her best friend’s back. After meeting Adil, Gul starts getting jealous of her best friend and decides to play a cunning, two-sided game where she communicates and interacts with Adil in hopes of removing the desire of winning Gulzar from his heart and hopefully securing a seat for her own self. All this while the naive and innocent Gulzar feels awful about having to lie to her best friend about her brother’s engagement. Little did she know that her so called best friend which she thought the world of was planning to take advantage of the very trust and love that Gulzar undoubtedly had.
The plot of Gul o gulzar is getting interesting day by day and we can’t wait to see what plan does Gul have in upcoming episodes.


Saboor Ali as Gul Chaudhary
Kinza Hashmi as Gulzar
Omer Shahzad as Adil; Gul’s love interest
Mariam Mirza as Adil’s mother
Paras Masroor as Jamal; Gulzar’s husband
Firdous Jamal as Master Iqbal; Gulzar’s father
Kanwar Nafees as Afaq; Gulzar’s brother
Nayyar Ejaz as Kifayat Chaudhary; Gul’ father
Shaista Jabeen as Kaneez Chaudhary; Gul’s mother
Arjumand Azhar as Adil’s father

Gul o gulzar Storyline Cast and OST


Gul O Gulzar is starting on 1st October Watch Gul O Gulzar Drama Schedule Time Every Thursday 8 PM On ARY Digital Tv

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