‘Haiwan’ is a social initiative to raise awareness about child protection

The issue of child abuse and protection is a serious social problem in and around the world. It requires proper exposure and education that would make the public aware of the danger of such issues. It brings about circumstances causing harm to a child’s health, welfare, and safety.

Upcoming drama serial ‘Haiwan’ sheds light on the atrocity that has been rotting our country for a while.

It also exhibits a plethora of devastations the entire family faces amid an abundance of tears and painful cries.

It stars the veteran, Faysal Quraishi, the stupendous, Savera Nadeem, Sanam Chaudhary, Wahaj Ali and Iffat Umer as pivotal parts of the ensemble cast.


‘Haiwan’ is an Idream Production, directed by Mazhar Moin and written by Sara Sadain Syed.

Divulging some details to Celebdhaba, the lead actor Faisal said:

The makers have used “My Child My Responsibly” as the USP. It is our responsibility to protect our child! One mistake can ruin their future. Let’s spread the message!

The trauma associated with child negligence can contribute to arrested development, as well as a host of psychological and emotional disorders, that some children and adolescents may never overcome.

As television has a wide reach, it is beneficial if these kinds of issues are addressed in them.


Wiping out child abuse in Pakistan requires a complex strategy that will require multi-stakeholder support. Haiwan is all set to be aired from ARY Digital from October 10, 2018.


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