Hajra Yamin and Ali Abbas have joined the team for  TNI productions upcoming drama serial Shehr-E-Malal, which will also be starring Maria Wasti, Raeed Mohammad Alam, Srha Asghar, and Rabya Kulsoom in the lead roles. The drama serial will be revolving around the character of Maria Wasti where we will be seeing how a woman goes through different phases of her life. She will be playing the role of Tabinda. Shehr-e-Malal is the tale of a strong woman whose power is her grace as she transforms her life and of those around her. She handles the circumstances with utmost intelligence.

Celebdhaba asked Hajra Yamin about her role in the upcoming drama serial and the actor told us “ Ill be playing the character of Rameen in the drama serial Shehr-E-Malal, my character will be showing you about the life of Rameen a girl who is the lone child of her parents and her parents love her a lot, but shes a not a spoiled brat, however the one negative point in her character is that she always acts like a kid in front of her parents and wants their attention most of the times, but you will be able to see her original personality in front of other people such as her husband, mother-in law.” We further asked her how her experience with TNI productions is, The actor added on “It’s a great experience working once again with Furqan Adam, the director who pulled me in for my first play when I moved to Karachi, my play was Bholi Bano, and we’ve joined hands once again after two years and I’m really feeling god because these two years have changed us and we’re more groomed, also the cast is great for the drama and its really fun working all the members of the team.”

On the other hand we have Ali Abbas the guy who will be filthy rich kid in the drama serial Ali Abbas shared some details about his character with us “ The rich boy, who always wants get to pampered by everyone, a boy who can’t think maturely, however as we further move on in the drama, we get to see how I get stuck in some situations and to get a solution I would need to make some difficult choices. Looking at the evolution of this boy to a mature man because of some certain circumstances.” We asked him what was the main reason he opted for this character and Ali Abbas told us “ This character is something different from all the other typical drama serial hero’s and this role really attracted me this is the one big reason I chose this character.” Talking about his experience with TNI productions Ali told us “It’s great working with Furqan Adam, and the whole cast is great, yes its my first drama with Hajra Yamin and we’re pairing up so it’s going to be one hell of a ride.”