Pinky Memsaab

Hajra Yamin’s next film Pinky Memsaab is a tale of desires, ambitions, and flaws!

We’ve been raised to believe that movies are a reflection of the society that we live in. Their inspiration comes from cultural practices, psychological framework and the likes and dislikes of the society. And that might just be true to a certain extent.

Maid (a term many dislike). Being people and most importantly human beings, some clearly enjoy the job more than others. Some are treated as members of the family; others become the victims of appalling treatment or abuse.

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Time and again, filmmakers have told stories about women in this oppressive societies; women who refuse to be fettered by the norms, and women who tried to bring a change into their own worlds.

Hajra Yamin’s next film titled “Pinky Memsaab” depicts the journey of a maid, whose life goes through heightened emotions, depth of humanity, diversity of cultures, history and varying levels of society.

Speaking to Celebdhaba, Hajra revealed exclusive details about her character:

I play Pinky who lives in a small village of Punjab, flies to Dubai to work as a maid. It’s about her journey whom she meets, how she adjusts, the rural to urban transaction and the ups and downs she faces in those circumstances.

The film has a diversified cast. We have actors from India, Pakistan and Dubai. Too name a few Adnan Jaffer, Hajra Khan, Kiran Malik, Shameem Hilaly and Khalid AhmedSunny Hinduja flew down from India for his role. It was a pleasure to work with Sunny.

The writer and director of the film is Shazia Ali Khan. It’s her debut film. Khan is based in Dubai.

I enjoyed working in Pinky Memsaab and the journey has been amazing. I got to work with people from the international forum who know their craft very well and are thorough professionals. It was indeed a great learning experience.

The film has been extensively shot in Dubai. Ten percent of the film is shot in Pakistan.

The Maan Jao Naa actor further revealed: I am basically a theatre actor and it’s just like home to me. I am very comfortable in theatre. It gives you ample space to perform. I feel Television is more technical and tricky. Film is a big canvas to showcase your talent.

Pinky Memsaab will release by the end of this year.