The sequel to the last years Horror film reboot of the Halloween is under the works and it has been decided that the film will be going on floors after September 2 2019 and the film will be hitting the theatres on October 16, 2020. Blumhouse productions was one of the production companies that were behind the prequel of the film.

Jamie Lee Curtis will be back to portray the role of an older Laurie Strode and he will be reprising his role and the best part is the film Halloween that came out in 2018 followed the story of the 1978 Halloween film and it will not be focusing on any sequel that came in between.

The sequel means Michael Myers will be returning in the sequel as the masked psychopath killer as we saw in the prequel the killer had escaped, that surely means he will be returning to hunt Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) however will Laurie be able to escape once again.

The reboot of the film was a huge success for the Universal Pictures as the film had earned a total of 255.47 million dollar with a budget of only 10 million dollars. The film had also impressed the critics earning a 79% score on Rotten Tomatoes the original 1978 film earned a 95% score.

Well it looks like 2020 will be marking the return of the psychopath killer.