After Video went viral of Maria B and her husband Tahir Saeed,for sending their cook (who tested positive for #covid19) back to his village.

Watch the full video here :

Tv/film Actor Hamza Ali abbasi came out and he shared his statement and talked about the allegations on Designer Maria B and Tahir Saeed .

Absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of authorities and media who in this time of crisis are creating chaos and making false accusations. These 2 are good ppl who have been wronged. Maria B. and her husband Tahir Saeed have clarified the allegations of irresponsibly sending their cook to his village after testing positive for COVID-19. Reacting to the news circulating about her husband being tested positive she presented the laboratory report clearly mentioning that Tahir Saeed tested negative.

Explaining details, Maria B. stated in a video message that they got their cook tested as responsible citizens when he complained of mild symptoms after returning from his hometown; Vehari. If they had not bothered, he would have went on infecting many people.

After he tested positive, they insisted on keeping him in quarantine at their house which he refused. They allowed him to go back to his hometown on the condition that he would quarantine himself and not travel via public transport, paying him accordingly.

She explained that they cooperated with all government departments which reached out to them for his details. They were assured that he had recovered by the MS – DHQ Vehari, who examined him.

She said in spite of this, her husband was implicated in a police case without proper investigation and treated as a criminal.

She said we would like to categorically state that we are patriotic citizens and believe in serving humanity and will continue to cooperate with anyone on the issue.

We were in a state of shock as our own family’s health and safety was at direct risk due to our staff who returned from his native town infected. This led to utter confusion and trauma which we cannot be explained in words.