Hamza Ali Abbasi Has Quit Showbiz And The Actor Has Revealed Why

Hamza Ali Abbasi has quit the showbiz industry and the actor has vowed to devote the rest of his life talking about God and spread the peaceful message of Islam to the people. The actor had currently got married to Naimal Khawar in a simple marriage ceremony followed by a Valima Reception. The actor had posted on his twitter account that he will be quitting social media and yes it was the true the actor has now released a video on his YouTube channel where he has explained the reason of quitting the industry.

In the 24 minute video the actor stated “I started off as an atheist when I was 14 or 15 years old and I wanted to find some answers that who created this world and who is behind this beautiful creation and while finding my answers I went through the details and teachings of all religions and then I found Islam which had a really peaceful and meaningful message a message which told us about ‘life after death’ and that is what Islam’s main focus is the day of Judgement when we will all be standing in front of Allah.”

He further added on “I will now devote the rest of my life to Islam and the main reason I quit Showbiz is because I now want to tell people about Islam and clear all the misunderstanding people have regarding some issues, secondly I also want to help people through charity which is also Farz on every able Muslim.”

What an inspirational speech made by Hamza Ali Abbasi and we wish him all the best for his upcoming efforts.