Hamza Bangash received his first place awards for his full-length feature film ‘Mariam’ the writer director has been granted with the Award of Excellence from the Asian Film Academy and Motion Pictures Association. The filmmaker will also be going to Los Angeles for a 5 day trip to presnt his film to the US-based producers.

Hamza Bangash film Mariam will be coming out in 2021 however the film has started racking up awars before its release, well that seems to be great!! Speaking to us Hamza Bangash revealed about his film saying “I am currently developing my debut feature film, MARIAM. The film is not complete yet, and we are still raising the funds to take the film into production. In fact, I am at the moment working on the second draft of the script to share with my producers. I know how important a first feature is, and I want to make sure I tell the strongest possible story- I don’t want to rush the process. The feature project started it’s journey at Locarno Open Doors Lab 2018- so it’s already been a little over a year of working on the story, and getting the team together. This film is extremely ambitious, and I want to make sure I tell it right. At the same time, financial constraints are forcing us to work slowly. There is no money for independent cinema in Pakistan, and we are in the process of applying for international grants and looking abroad for co-producers. It’s a long journey. But I know we’ll get there. We hope to be in cinemas by 2021!”

Revealing some of the plot details he added on “The film is set in Karachi, and follows a young woman named Mariam. After a fatal accident claims the life of her secret boyfriend, Mariam is haunted by unresolved grief. As the caretaker for her autistic younger brother, and the only comfort to her divorced mother, Mariam has no choice but to bury her trauma. But, as her thoughts twist into vivid hallucinations, she must choose whether to confront her grief or allow her nightmares to consume her. It is a genre film- thriller with elements of horror.”

Speaking about the content of his film and the impact it will have on the audience he said “I think our audiences are dying for content-driven stories told in an entertaining way. MARIAM is a genre film, and we’ve seen high-budget horror/thrillers perform well in the Pakistani box office. I believe we have underestimated our audiences for too long. Pakistani audiences are smart, capable consumers- desperate for intelligent content that tells unique stories. Cinema is meant to be though-provoking – but also to entertain. MARIAM is inspired by my short film, Dia (2018). The trailer for the short can be watched here. The short film received extremely positive feedback in Pakistan- and is still touring across the country in our collaboration with Taskeen. I hope when Pakistan watches MARIAM, it realizes how terrifying it can be to be a young person in love in this country. And perhaps, when they walk out the cinema, consider what the true horror in our society is.”


The film will be starring incredible Nida Khan in the lead role of Mariam, and theatre veteran Bakhtawar Mazhar as Fariha Hamza is also looking forward to rope Riz Ahmed in the film who was last seen in The Venom. Hamza  Bangash will be co-writing and directing the project alongside Mohammad Ali Hashmi and the film will be produced by UK-based producer Mina Hussain,berlinale Talent Alumnus and prolific filmmaker Anam Abbas.

Apart from this film Hamza will also be collaborating on a short film titled ‘Lenny’. We wish Hamza Bangash good luck for his feature film ‘Mariam’