Yasir Hussain just tried to troll Hania Amir for her acne problems that she has been since a quite long time. Yasir Hussain who has recently been trying to troll people on social media has just got some serious schooling from Hania Amir. The Karachi se Lahore actor had recently trolled a guy by transphobic comments and looks like the actor has really crossed his limits.

Yasir Hussain fan had asked him “One Word For Hania Amir’ and the actor tried to act cool but the comments he made were just filthy. He called Hania Amir ‘Danedar’, Hania Amir also posted a picture of her face, she wanted to break the so-called beauty standards telling people that everyone is beautiful even with their flaws, many had cheered Hania Amir for her message.

Hania Amir has given her message to Yasir Hussain by posting on her Instagram story “We brush off insecurities and people pointing them out, like it’s no big deal; but knowing it’s someone insecurity and still making fun of it is the worst thing you can do! It is wrong on so many levels, It is high time people realize it is not okay to make jokes out of other people’s insecurities. It’s disgusting and not funny at all.”

Hania Amir concluded her story by writing “Don’t try and act cool about making someone feel bad about what they might consider a flaw. It’s disrespect, not funny. Degrading is not funny. I am not laughing, nobody is.”

Hania’s response had made Yasir Hussain feel guilty as the actor had removed the stories he posted, and cheers to Hania for trying to stop bullying.