Death is coming back once again with ‘Happy Death Day 2U’.

Happy Death Day was one of the biggest Horror Surprise last year.  The film was kind of funny, horror and also a complete thriller with many nail biting scenes. The film was about a woman who found herself trapped in a daily loop in which she was killed by a masked psycho however the daily loop helps her in figuring out the killer and then she kills the killer and breaks the time loop.

The sequel of the film is titled as Happy Death Day 2U and the film will be hitting the theatres on 14th February 2019. The trailer of the film has been released by the trailer. Jessica Rothe will be returning once again to the cast of the film and she will be playing the role of the unlucky girl tree she was the one who broke the loop in the first film and she killed her murderous rival Lori. However the trailer tells us theta the loop has restarted with Lori and she is somehow alive and is looking for revenge. So guys get ready for another scary and funny Happy Death Day.


Happy Death Day 2U is directed by Christopher B. Landon he also helmed the first part, the film also stars Israel Broussard, Suraj Sharma and Ruby Modine.  The film is produced by Blumhouse films who also produced like Get Out, The Purge Movies.

In a recent interview with Jessica Rothe the actor said “Chris has done this incredible thing where the sequel elevates the movie from being a horror movie into a Back to the Future type of genre film, The sequel joins us right from where we left off, it explains a lot of things in the first one that didn’t get explained, and it elevates everything.”

She further added on “I was really pleased to know that we weren’t just gonna be pushing all the buttons that people loved the first time, over and over again, ’cause I think that gets old.”