Veteran TV actor Abid Ali hospitalised due to severe health issues but last night many known and unknown social media bloggers and even TV channels spread the Fake news of Abid Ali that he is no more in this world.

Due to this fake news his family got depressed and they wrote about them who published with out any confirmation

“I would like to thank all those who sent their prayers for my father. He is alive and all our our family are praying for his recovery.

“The social media magnates whose drive is to post unverified news of such grave matter is utterly disgusting. Our family has been through turmoil all in the name of breaking news.

 “I hope such bloggers are brought to justice in public eye. The power of written word is very strong and should be treated with respect.” Says iman Ali

Rabia ali younger sister of Abid ali even confirmed this Fake news

“He is alive and will be Insha’allah,” she wrote.  Rahama ali