Mission Impossible director Christopher Mcquarrie and Actor Henry Cavill have been in discussion to create an extraordinary superman film, its going to be Man of Steel 2.

Christopher Mcquarrie has said that the duo had started the discussions when they were shooting for Mission Impossible Fallout. Henry Cavill’s fans are eagerly waiting for a Man of Steel sequel.

Christopher Mcquarrie spoke to Collider where he talked about the making of thw film and this is what he said ” Many, many people have asked, many, many, many times. I had an awesome conversation with Henry Cavill about an awesome version of Superman while we were on set, You’re sitting around of hours, waiting for stuff to be built so I can put Henry in it, and throw him off a cliff, or freeze him to death. And we talked about a really awesome version of Superman.”

Christopher Mcquarrie said that Henry Cavill wants a superhero film where the Superhero portrays a heroic and optimistic role.

That’s the movie Henry wants. There’s a really, really beautiful version of that, and I honestly can’t speak for the people who are responsible for making those decisions, except to say it’s part of a giant corporate mechanism.

Apart from this hollywood reporter had reported that Henry Cavill has parted his ways from DC and will no longer be portraying the role of Superman, however the actor reacted to these rumors and posted a video on his Official Instagram account where he was holding a Super Man action figure and tried to taunt all the rumors.

Thats not it Henry Cavill’s Manager Danny Garcia had made a statement “the cape is still in his closet” hinting that Henry Cavill will be portraying Super Man in the Man of Steel of franchise. Warner Bros. Also released a statement saying that they have a great relationship with Cavill.