DC’s film Shazam that starred Zachary levi has just become a worldwide hit and the film has raked in some huge amount of money at the box office, the critics have loved it and the film has also gotten a 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. New Line, the studio that is behind the film has just rehired the writer of the of the film Henry Gayden. And that means the success of the film has made the makers push forward towards a sequel to the film.

Henry gayden who scripted the joyous, and amazing story of Shazam under David F Sandberg’s directorial. It has been reported that Henry Gayden was not known as a really good script writer however this script of Shazam has been a complete game changer for him.

Shazam stars Zavhary levi and Asher Angel in the lead roles and the film is about a 14 year old boy Billy Batson who is bestowed with superpowers from the gods and when he says the word Shazam he becomes a hero.

Soon after the release of Shazam Rock had hinted that he will be playing the role of Black Adam a Super Villain who has the same powers as Shazam but as per the DC comics he is the ultimate nemesis of  Shazam and it will be one hell of a fight.

Does that mean that Shazam 2 will be focusing on a fight amongst Shazam and Black Adam this will only be revealed when further updates on the film come out.


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