Weekly Horoscope ( Nov 12, 2018 – Nov 18, 2018)

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Aries Horoscope  (21 Mar -19 Apr )

You may already be feeling a dynamic boost from the presence of jovial Jupiter in your sector of far horizons and fresh opportunities, and this will continue to grow as Jupiter continues his journey. Feisty Mars, your guide planet, moves into Pisces on Thursday and remains here for around six weeks, so another side of you might be ready for more spiritual adventures. This could be a time when you’re thinking about religious or spiritual issues and your beliefs. It can also be an opportunity to let go of any blocks that are keeping you from living to your full potential. On Friday, sensual Venus turns direct, which could bring easier relations with others. Finally, on that same day, expressive Mercury turns retrograde in your travel sector. If you’re setting off, be sure you have everything organized and accessible.  

Taurus Horoscope (20 Apr -20 May )

With the powerful and very optimistic energy of upbeat Jupiter in a sensitive sector of your chart, you might feel more at ease when discussing finances or even edgy subjects like sex or deep emotional issues. Positive Jupiter can encourage you to talk about things you may have preferred to ignore before. Doing so can help your energy to flow better and bring easier circumstances in your relationships, finances, and everyday life. On Friday, sweet Venus, your personal planet, forges ahead in your lifestyle zone, putting an end to any indecision. After mulling over wellness and work issues, you could come to some sound conclusions. Also on Friday, curious Mercury turns retrograde in your zone of shared finances and deep soul bonds. Over the coming three weeks, it would be best not to commit to any major loans or make any big investments. Things could be volatile, so wait until early December before making any decisions.

Gemini Horoscope (21 May – 20 Jun)

You are currently in a golden phase regarding your relationships. With exuberant Jupiter in your sector of relating for some months to come, it’s a good time to make changes that will leave you feeling much happier. Are you in a long-term partnership? Traveling, exploring new opportunities, and taking on challenges together can add excitement to your life and bring you closer together. Solo? Moving out of your comfort zone might help you to meet that special person. Delectable Venus turns direct in your leisure sector on Friday, which can be good news for a romance that seems to be going nowhere. A flickering flame could turn into a fire if nurtured in the right way. Expressive Mercury turns retrograde in your relationship sector, also on Friday. This will continue for three weeks, so be aware that misunderstandings and mixed messages are possible. However, this is a great opportunity to heal an ongoing issue. Communication is the key!

Cancer Horoscope (21 Jun – 22 Jul)

With expansive Jupiter now moving through your sector of work and wellness for around a year, you might need to be more careful when it comes to diet. You may need to be more disciplined around foods that taste great but aren’t that great for you. Upbeat Jupiter could tempt you to eat anyway, but the results will speak for themselves once you step on the scale. If you can exercise daily, you can negate some of these effects. Delectable Venus pushes forward in your home and family sector on Friday, and this can be a good time to go ahead with decorating and improving the ambience in your home. Relationships with other family members might also improve. There could be delays in your job or everyday life as chatty Mercury turns direct in your lifestyle zone, also on Friday. Be more alert over the coming weeks because mistakes could happen.

Leo Horoscope (23 Jul  – 22 Aug)

The coming months could be a high point regarding romance and creativity. With opulent Jupiter in your sector of leisure and pleasure, this dynamic phase can be perfect for showcasing your skills and abilities. Whatever your talent, this is your opportunity to promote and market it and keep doing it until you get results. In terms of sheer fun, it’s time to give your inner child a treat. Try to be more playful and relax into life in a way haven’t done for some time. Sultry Venus turns direct in your communication zone on Friday, enabling you to continue where you left off. If you put any deals or relationships on the back burner, it’s time to dust them off and move forward.

Virgo Horoscope (23 Aug – 22 Sep)

A wave of positive energy could sweep through your home and enable your family to feel more optimistic. This is due to lucky Jupiter moving through Sagittarius for some months. You might have the urge to move to a new home, remodel, or make your current place bigger. Thoughts of adding to your family could also be on your mind, whether you’re considering having a child or adopting a pet. Either or both could bring you great happiness. As delectable Venus forges ahead in your personal money zone, a financial or cash-flow issue could resolve, leaving you feeling much richer. Plus, if there’s something you’ve been saving for, now might be the time you decide to purchase it. Thoughtful Mercury, your ruling planet, goes into reverse in your home zone on Friday, so it might be a good idea to prepare everything for Thanksgiving and the holiday season well in advance.

Libra Horoscope (23 Sep – 22 Oct)

Soothing Venus, your personal planet, turns direct in your sign on Friday, so if it has seemed like you were taking two steps forward and one step back in a relationship, things can now begin to improve. And you should find it easier to get things done in general. Exuberant Jupiter continues its journey through your sector of communication, making this one of the better times to market and promote your work. If you’re good at something, shout it out and let everyone know. If you work in advertising, have an online presence, or make use of social media, you could be very busy, but you can do very well. Storytelling Mercury turns retrograde in your sector of talk and thought on Friday and remains so for around three weeks. Buy and send out cards, invitations, and gifts early to avoid delays. Hold back from fully committing to new deals or ideas if you can because things could change rapidly over the coming weeks.

Scorpio Horoscope (23 Oct – 21 Nov)

Things seem to be looking up for you when it comes to money and finances. With generous Jupiter now in your personal money zone for many months, you might be able to build wealth and feel more secure. However, Jupiter can also bring a tendency to spend and give away money. If you splurge without thinking, you could find yourself losing out rather than gaining. It would be a great idea to create a financial plan and stick to it. Opportunities to earn more money will come your way, and you should take advantage of them. Sultry Venus pushes forward in your spiritual sector on Friday. Paradoxically, it might be better to relax, let go, and see what life brings your way. You could have so many desires that trying to choose which is best could only confuse you.

Sagittarius Horoscope (22 Nov – 21 Dec)

With adventurous Jupiter now roaming freely through your sign, you might be feeling a lot more buoyant than you have in a while. As this is your personal planet, you could begin to feel very at home in your own skin. You’ll be more willing to embrace your love of travel and study as you reach out for new opportunities. At the same time, there are positive developments in your social sector as seductive Venus moves forward in this zone after her retrograde phase. If you’ve had an issue with someone, you might now find it easier to get along. Plus, this is a good time to make decisions about the groups you want to join and the friends you want to make. Dealmaker Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on Friday and remains so for around three weeks. If you make early preparations and get everything in hand for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, you will be doing yourself a big favor.

Capricorn Horoscope (22 Dec – 19 Jan)

Fortunate Jupiter is in your sector of spirituality and self-improvement, so the coming weeks and months could encourage you to develop more faith in yourself. This comes from understanding who you are and what you’re capable of. If you’ve been identifying with the smaller self, you may have felt limited and frustrated by life. Positive Jupiter’s influence in this zone can inspire you to identify with your higher self, enabling you to live to your full potential. If you need a teacher or life coach to help you with this, it could be very helpful. There will be a shift in your sector of goals and ambitions as vivacious Venus pushes forward in this zone after her retrograde phase. If you have found it difficult to move ahead with deals or plans, it could now be easier. In addition, it might help to talk to someone about issues that are difficult for you. Unburdening yourself can help you feel much better.

Aquarius Horoscope (20 Jan – 18 Feb)

You might find that you are increasingly popular over the coming weeks and months as fortunate Jupiter continues to move through your social sector. You could be something of a phenomenon if you have a social media or video presence online. The coming months can be excellent for promoting yourself and getting your message out to the world. However, it is also perfect for just having fun and connecting with all kinds of fascinating people. You can feel the benefits as sultry Venus moves forward in your sector of travel and adventure on Friday. If an opportunity seemed just out of reach, you might now have a chance to make the most of it. And if it’s something you’ve always wanted, you’ll feel doubly blessed. Watch out for delays, though, as chatty Mercury turns retrograde in your social zone, also on Friday. If you’re arranging get-togethers or holiday parties, start early and have a backup plan.  

Pisces Horoscope (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

You could find yourself in the spotlight now, and if you do, enjoy it and make the most of it. With fortunate Jupiter now moving through your sector of career, goals, and ambitions, you could gain public recognition for your work or be well placed for a promotion. Those in positions of authority will tend to look on you very favorably, which always helps. Tactful Venus pushes forward in a more sensitive zone on Friday, which could mean you’re finally ready to let go of an old relationship or emotions that may have been holding you back. As Venus moves forward, so you will find it easier to move on. Inquisitive Mercury enters its retrograde phase in your sector of goals and ambitions, also on Friday. If you’re negotiating a deal, preparing for an interview, or waiting for a decision, things might not turn out as planned. Be prepared for changes.