The celebratory collection was presented against a historic backdrop at the historic Haveli of Wajid Ali Shah, Lahore.

The experience was inaugurated with a moving narration of the words of Faiz Ahmed Faiz on Lahore as narrated by his daughter, artist Salima Hashmi.

HSY celebrated his 24 years of fashion with a first of its kind solo show experience in his home city of Lahore on 21st of April; showcasing Mohabbat Nama, HSY Couture.

Then, set to a soundtrack of some of Pakistan’s most iconic music through the years, HSY’s Mohabbat Nama came to life with over 70 models adorned in HSY couture, with superstar and HSY muse Reema Khan closing the show. Each outfit worn has been named after the model wearing it in tribute to them and their careers. Indeed the show also featured those part of the HSY 24 year legacy journey; from original supermodels ZQ, Natasha Hussain, Simi Pasha, Vaneeza Ahmed, Abdullah Ejaz, and Andleeb Rana; to Nael Ahmed and longtime collaborator and stylist Shahzad Raza and HSY’s first ever model, his sister.