Theatre Director Dawar Mehmood known by his famous theater plays, Pawonay 14 August  which was written by Anwar Maqsood ,  Aangan Terha, Sawa 14 August , Halfplate, Dharna, siachin,  Bananistan, and now he is upto launch new theatre play titled ‘Hua Kuch Yoon’

Press conference was specially organized at the art council where Legend comedy writer  Anwar Maqsood, president of Art council  Ahmed shah , renowned Tv actor Sajid Hasan was attended the event.


I wrote ‘Pawonay 14th august’ which took 4 days to me to write, later ‘Angan tera, sava 14 August , half plate, dharna , then Siachin, it took 6-7 years to work with them, and i had a great experience. This plays  seems good to me, Dawar is an educated and talented young man and i believe no one is better then him.  Sajid Hasan wrote the script  The title was created by Dawar  says Anwar Maqsood




It took 2 years  me to write this script for Dawar’s play , wasn’t easy to understand director’s Mind but working with him was a great experience, Hua kuch yoon is a love story based on pre partition & post partition era its a beautifully story crafted by Dawar, hopefully people will like it says Sajid hasan


Its’s been a great experience working with Anwar Maqsood for past 6years, conceptualization took 2 years with Sajid Hasan, there are 35 actors all are new except few ones, the Good thing about  Sajid Hasan , his attention to work detail  is  very deep. Play will begin on 22 November 2017  to 30th April 2018 says dawar mehmood



Theatre play “Hua Kuch Yun will be staged in Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala , Starting from 22nd November  till  30th April 2018″




We wish all the team members good luck for this great upcoming play.