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Huawei P20 Android Mobile Phone Will Be ‘Much Better Than iPhone X,’ According To Product Chief Mr. Richard Yu.


Huawei’s consumer business group chief Richard Yu appears to give major  difference in Huawei P20 Android Mobile Phone with iPhone x (iPhone 10) Huawei has major focus on its devices for power consumption solution and its 2nd largest company in sales of Android devices and hopefully  Huawei p20 will be launch in end of March in Pakistan and Huawei p20 price would be around 300 USD to 400 USD .

As per comment on Huawei battery feature You guys using iPhones should try to use our Mate 10 Pro and see how much better battery life it has, and with much faster speed — 4G, 4.5G network speed,” Yu said.

Then, unprovoked, he mentioned the upcoming Huawei P20: “Next month, the P20, we will have some big, bold innovations of camera technology. It will be much much better than all the other phones…”

Huawei P20 Android Mobile Phone is Launching in March 2018

Yu then picks up someone else’s iPhone X from the table and says, “including this.”

He continues: “I know I may not be humble, but [the P20] will be much better. It’s not going to be a little bit better, but much better.”

“It’s a chicken or egg thing. If you don’t invest in R&D, you are irrelevant,” Yu says. “But if you’re already losing money, it’s tough to just spend more on R&D.”

That is why so many other phone makers are disappearing, he says, while Huawei is growing. Yu says Huawei’s current fiscal year is looking to way surpass last year.

As a journalist who’s done hundreds of this post-media event roundtable interviews, let me tell you that Yu’s candor and confidence is extremely rare and refreshing. Usually, these group interviews are a snore-fest, with the interview subject giving stock answers. Yu just says whatever is on his mind.

Later, while talking about the audio capabilities of his company’s new laptop, Yu again went at Apple, pointing out that the MacBook another journalist is using would not be able to compare.

Yu later added that Huawei is able to push out products that are “better” because it invests heavily into R&D. He mentions the unfortunate situation in which some phone companies find themselves: stuck losing money and thus unable to spend on R&D.