HUM Network Limited has made its mark globally over the years by bringing fashion and entertainment to our screens. Setting up yet another milestone in a groundbreaking initiative HUM Network Ltd. is proud to announce its first-ever digital award show in Pakistan, KASHMIR HUM Social Media Awards 2020 Powered by Facebook, the largest internationally recognized social media platform.
It is the first digitally based award show in Pakistan that has Facebook under its banner, making it distinguished and authentic in its true sense by recognizing and encouraging deserving individuals working in the fields of music, entertainment, fashion, sports and content creation who have gained popularity over the years and have made their mark digitally.
Social media over the recent years has created as we have witnessed, a massive influx towards communication by engaging, motivating and inspiring global audiences on a larger scale through its content.
The criteria of these awards and selection of nominees is based purely on their social media presence and their achievements across all platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and unique blogs in the entertainment genre etc.

“It is exciting to see how rapidly Pakistan’s digital landscape has evolved over the past few years, and we are looking forward to presenting the country’s first-ever social media awards with HUM. Content creators have built a unique place in our day-to-day lives by entertaining, inspiring and educating us. It is heartening to see them receive acknowledgment and appreciation for their hard work, and we are happy to extend our support” said Hassan Salahuddin, Head of Media Partnerships, Facebook- Pakistan.
“Social media is the most efficient medium to market not only your content but also products and services. Particularly in the post-Covid-19 scenario, more and more businesses have adjusted their marketing strategies and shifted their focus towards social media to engage customers and increase sales. HUM has always been aggressive in terms of experimenting with new events in the entertainment genre. We believe that this is the right time to introduce Pakistan’s first digital awards show to celebrate and honour creative content creators, celebs, individuals and businesses who have proved their mettle in the social media landscape of the country. This event has the potential to develop into a self-sustainable event and take its place amongst the most sought-after award shows of Pakistan.” Hassan Jawed, Head of Digital HUM Network Ltd.
The awards ceremony will be hosted by Yasir Hussain and Mooroo and will have a special performance by the melodious Asim Azhar. All the winners will be part of the show via audio/video calls and many celebrities are expected to be a part of the live transmission. The awards ceremony will be streamed on HUM official Facebook page.

The complete list of categories is as follow:
1.            Most Popular Actor – Male
2.            Most Popular Actor – Female
3.            Most Popular On-Screen Couple
4.            Most Popular Off-Screen Couple

5.            Most Popular Music Artist – Male
6.            Most Popular Music Artist – Female

7.            Most Popular Model Male
8.            Most popular Model Female
9.            Most Popular Designer
10.          Most Popular Brand
11.          Most Popular Makeup Artist

12.          Most Popular Sports Personality

13.          Most Popular Television Host (Entertainment)
14.          Most popular web show
15.          Most Popular Content creator
16.          Most Popular Social Media Portal (Entertainment).