Mehwish Hayat has been receiving immense backlash and criticism over her special song (Gangster Guriya) from upcoming film Baaji. Questions are being raised upon her choice of being objectified in such item song. Why do our actresses compare themselves to edible products and invite men to gaze upon them is the question from many sections?

Hayat shared a video of the her icon, Madonna in which the Queen of music is calling herself a ‘bad feminist’, speaking at the Billboard Women in Music, 2016. The tweet reads, “… I am a bad feminist.” One of my heroes, Madonna speaking at the The Billboard Women in Music event in 2016.. Most inspiring and lots of food for thought.”

It started when Mehwish responded to the criticism over Gangster Guriya with her tweet and said: Oops I did it again! After 5 years another cameo that I am very proud of. R u ready for Gangster Guriya? A woman in control of herself & knows what she wants! “You can’t play me boy..nahi hoon mai khilona” Thank you @aClockworkObi, Saqib Malik, Taha, Akif ILyas, Anila, Mo Azmi n team.”

She further added: “To do these dance numbers has been my choice. As an actress and performer, it is my job. As a woman I find my work empowering. Dance to me is aesthetically the purest form of art.

Mehwish went on to declare that Gangster Guriya is her favourite and toughest song till date by sharing a rehearsing video. Hayat tweeted saying, “This has to be one of my most fav & toughest steps of the choreography from Gangster Guriya. Thank you
@aClockworkObi for pushing me & trusting me with these challenging moves. Looked easy but I almost fractured my knee at the shoot being the jazbaati adakaara that I am. lol.”

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