25th July 2018 was the day for the general elections in Pakistan, and this time  Imran Khan chairman of PTI came out victorious. PTI had done very well in the general elections where they won a total of 120 seats in the National Assembly. The people of Pakistan took a stand and everyone casted their vote just for a change. Looks like Imran Khan will bring the Tabdeeli to Pakistan. After the results of the elections were announced many parties had raised their voices that the elections have been rigged however Imran Khan the chairman of PTI had an answer to that. Imran Khan said in his Victory Speech “If certain parties think that the elections were rigged, they should inform us and we will get into those polling stations and prove them wrong.”



26th July Imran Khan gave his victory speech to the public where he pledged that he will try his level best to make Pakistan great once again, Imran Khan has promised the public that he will look after the the lower caste of Pakistan, the poor people who face new problems everyday he will try and bring a change to the human development of Pakistan.

Imran Khan has also pledged that he will look after the education system of Pakistan, he said in his speech “I will not live in Prime Minister house our government will decide whether to use government houses for educational purposes or other.” Imran Khan will try to boost the economy by turning the governor houses in many exotic places such as Nathia Gali into commercial hotels just to boost the economy and will also set a new tax system which will help everyone especially the poor people of Pakistan.

Imran Khan had many things to say in his victory speech he also addresses India “we are keen on making relationships strong between each other and with all our neighboring countries.” Imran Khan won with Pakistan back in 1992 and this time Imran Khan has once again with PTI. We hope for a positive change and wish Imran Khan chairman of PTI good luck for the rest of his time as Prime Minister of Pakistan.