India Match fixing

You would have never heard before India and England match played on Sunday at Edgbaston that Pakistanis had ever supported the Indian team or wanted them to win, but it happened in this World Cup. Pakistan’s Cricket fans after that nerve racking win over Afghanistan were desperate to see India beat England for the sake of Pakistan’s qualification into the top four. Whatever may be the motive of Pakistani support for India but indeed it has been a kind of an occasion for which history might never repeat itself again.

Indian players celebrate Morgan’s dismissal at Edgbaston.

India’s display of Cricket against England will ever remain under a cloud of suspicion. It wasn’t a clandestine affair; instead they did it in broad day light. Dhoni known as one of the best finishers in the game of Cricket, never opted for hefty blows that were needed India to reach the target. Unfortunately India’s politically motivated grudge was brazenly revealed in those last five overs where they needed 71 runs in the last five overs. Dhoni and Jadhav at the crease never gave it a try and relied upon just single runs, bad enough to kill the spirit of Cricket.

As India’s deliberate loss against England has produced the intended result, now Pakistan needs a miracle to qualify in the semifinals of the World Cup. The task for Pakistan is within the shadows of impossibility. Pakistan virtually cannot win over Bangladesh by such a gigantic margin.

Points Table shows Pakistan’s almost diminished chances to qualify in World Cup semifinals.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s performance also has to be blamed. Reports of infighting and grouping echoed in the news. Questions were raised at team selection and trail of bad performances continued to add more fuel to the fire. Things would have been different if Pakistan could have scored at least two hundred runs against the West Indies. The match against Australia was Pakistan’s game which they threw away cheaply. Pakistan was unlucky to have a washed out match against Sri Lanka and also against Afghanistan where they couldn’t finish the match convincingly in less overs. Hopes have almost faded for Pakistan now leaving the fans in a melancholic state. Pakistan’s ouster contains so many factors that are needed to be addressed and fixed on a serious note.