If you guess plan on watching this movie with your friend at a sleepover then this might be a bad decision because you all would end up making fun of the movie. Insidious 4 the last key is the latest installment in the Insidious franchise. Producer James Wan has produced great horror films like the conjuring and not to forget the Insidious too but this part of the Insidious did not do so well


The movie takes place in 1950’s when Young Elise grows up in a house being tortured. Her father used to lock up her in the basement and the movie shows some frightening background sounds which would send shivers down your spine and just after that the movie escalates to 2010. Where Elise is all grown up and she starts ghostbusting with two men Spec and Tucker. The real story starts when Elise gets a call from a guy to help him exorcise his haunted house and that is the house where young Elise grew up. The old house brings up terrible memories and Elise is determined to look for the “red door” and get the house spirit-free.

As in many horror films, there are some unresolved issues which come back and that is the same with Elise. Things that used to haunt Elise in her childhood have come back and from here the real story begins when she has to bring back the past. There’s a whistle that belonged to her mother and is way too important for the ghosts of that house and because of that whistle the demon hiding in the basement loses its power, Isn’t that funny.


Well by my point of view the film has some funny parts which should have not been there, such as Tucker hypnotizing Elise Niece and the conversation between Tucker, specs and the man and the film does not have a climax. The film is a complete letdown, because of the lazy scares, and the ineffective background sounds also you see ghosts coming all the time which makes it really boring. By looking at the last scene of the movie I think that James Wan has something in his pocket for the next installment, Until then we’d just have to wait.