Instagram Introduces parent portal to teach internet safety

Instagram introduced the portal for Internet safety for parental control over Instagram and the internet.

Instagram shared that parental guide for internet safety.

We know that as a parent it may be hard to understand the changing digital landscape and what your kids are doing online. That’s why we’ve created this resource. We’re here to fill you in on what Instagram is all about, give you some conversation starters for you and your teen and show you some of the tools that are in place to keep your teen safe.

You can also download a copy of our Parent’s Guide.

In addition to walking parents through these more technical aspects of the app, the portal also works as a basic introduction to the unique intersection of personal identity and technology that is inherent to how teens are finding their place in an increasingly noisy web.

Instagram is very common becoming famous like facebook and other social media platform. although its facebook product but Instagram  have some verity of new features for internet users.