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Instagram Videos Tagging feature is coming soon


Instagram is testing a way to allow users to tag their friends in their video posts, not just in photos, TechCrunch has learned and the company confirmed. The option works similarly to tagging photos, but instead of pressing the small icon at the bottom left to see the list of tagged names appear over top of the content – something that would be more difficult with videos – the button links to a list of tagged people.

Video tagging is also not appearing on the web version of Instagram at present, only on mobile.

Instagram didn’t want to share much information about the test, nor discuss its plans for a larger rollout of the feature – which is currently unsupported for anyone who hasn’t been opted in to the test by the company.

When you tap this button, you’re directed to a new page titled “People in this Video” with all the Instagram users who have either appeared in the video or who the original poster wants to alert in some way.

As far as we can tell, these videos don’t also copy over to the tagged users’ profiles, where tagged photos typically appear today. But that could come further down the road.


However, it would say that the experiment is underway right now with a “small percentage” of Instagram’s users.

“We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love,” a spokesperson confirmed, in a statement.




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