Since the start of the film industry, heroines were all about style, glamour and beauty. Women have rights as well and this trend has changed by the time when Film makers are making movies that revolve around the character of a woman. Not only this but specific movies have shown us the stronger side of women who lead lead the line telling us that women are no less.

This International Women’s Day we’ll be telling you guys about the movies that portrayed some strong characters of women and yes those films were also complete hits at the box office. The list starts with:

Tumhari Sullu:                                                                

Starring Vidya Balan the film shows us a women from a middle class household known as sulochana, she has a dream to become a famous RJ and she does not lose her identity even when she changes from being a normal housewife to an RJ. The film shows us different shades of women who have to go through a tough road to get fame.


Starring Kangana Ranaut the film tells us the story of a women who at first was a very light-hearted person and got her heart broken by her lover, but that does not her stop her from changing herself. Kangana becomes a strong independent women in the Film who can now easily speak out to the person who at first her heart. This film showed us that women too should speak for their rights and not get dependent on anyone.

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman did great in the film industry and became the first movie starring a woman as a super hero also the film was directed by a woman. Israeli actress Gal Gadot looks like she was made for this role. Director Patty Jenkins even became the highest-grossing female director in Hollywood history after making this film.

English Vinglish:

The film starred Late Sri Devi, director Gauri Shinde shows us the character of a middle aged woman who faces problems in speaking English and because of that she feels embarrassed when she travels to USA with her family but not only she learns English she silenced everyone who doubted her showing us that we should never underestimate women.


Disney’s animated film tells us the story about  a young girl who forges her own path and is told from the very beginning that she will be leading her people one day. Moana embarks on a journey where she fights her enemies and comes out victorious that is where we get to know that a woman can also be a successful leader.

Secret Superstar:

The Amir Khan film which also stars Zaira Wasim who plays the role of Insia Malik in the film. She dreams to become a singer but as she belongs to middle class household her father won’t support her with that dream but the strong relationship between the mother and daughter keeps Insia Going and ends up becoming the Secret Superstar.