Recently the internet was flooded with rumors surrounding Irrfan Khan’s Deteriorating health and how he was suffering from cancer. Its almost been a month since Irrfan khan had revealed to the public that he has been diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour and the actor now the actor spokesperson has asked all the people to stop  spreading fake rumors for his disease.

In the latest statement made by Irrfan Khan’s spokesperson he discussed about the rumors revolving around the internet and this is what he said “This latest round of news being spread through social media in the last few days about Irrfan’s health is absolutely false and there’s no truth to it whatsoever. We as his family and friends again request the members of the media to continue their support and the prayers that have come Irrfan’s way. However it’s not right to spread rumors through mediums of social media without fact check or any official validation. In the meanwhile once again we request everyone to refrain from picking up social media statuses as affirmative developments on someone’s health.”

Before Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with this disease he was working on Abhinay Deo’s film Blackmail and the film has just released in Bollywood box office and is making a good run at the big screens. Apart from that Irrfan khan was also picked by Vishal Bhardwaj to star in a film alongside Deepika Padukone however the actor was then diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour and the shooting of the film had to be postponed. Vishal Bhardwaj said “ I will wait for Irrfan Khan to make it back to the set rather than recasting the movie.”

Irrfan Khan an actor known for his great acting skills is currently being treated in the United Kingdom and will be back soon fully recovered. Irrfan Khan’s wife also made a statement regarding his husband’s health and called him a warrior who is going through a lot. Our prayers are with the actor we hope the Actor comes back to the big screens really soon.