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Suna Yaara director-actor duo Junaid Khan and Danish Nawaz are back with their latest offering, Ishq Tamasha.

ishq tamahsa cast
                                                                                             Ishq Tamahsa Cast
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                                                                                       Ishq Tamahsa Story

Ishq Tamasha Written by Misbah Noreen and directed by Danish Nawaz, the drama stars Juniad Khan, Aiman Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Faizan Khawaja and Furqan Qureshi in pivotal roles.

We recently caught up with the director, Danish Nawaz, who gave us a brief about the storyline.

Ishq Tamasha Cast

Junaid Khan as Mehrab
Aiman Khan as Mirha
Kinza Hashmi as Rushna
Faizan Khawaja as Arham; Mehrab’s brother
Alizeh Shah as Palwasha; Rushna’s younger sister
Saba Faisal as Aqeela; Mirha’s aunt
Lubna Aslam as Phuppo; Mehrab and Arham’s aunt
Kinza Malik as Aqeela’s sister; Rushna’s aunt
Furqan Qureshi as Wahaj; Rushna’s brother
Areesha Shah as Uswa; Rushna’s younger sister

“It’s basically an intense story about family love and also highlights other important issues like class difference and its impact on individual’s life,” the actor said.

Ishq Tamasha Story line, The drama lead actor while talking about his role said that he played elder brother of the family.

“My character name is Marhab. Belonging to an affluent class, he is sole-earner of the family and lives with his phuppo and younger brother, Arham (played by Faizan Khawaja). By nature, Arham is spoiled and emotionally driven whereas Marhab is extra-protective about his younger brother and always make sure to fulfill all his brother demands,” the actor said.

He further added that another important family in drama was that of Rushna (played by Kinza Hashmi).


“Rashna is an overconfident and a materialistic girl. She considers herself as ‘the best’ in everything and is waiting for handsome, rich prince charming. Her orphaned cousin (Aiman Khan) also lived in the same house. Unlike Rashna, she is obedient and down to earth by nature. The story takes a takes a turn when a misunderstanding brings two families in a difficult situation that upside down everyone’s life,” he added.

After Sun Yaara, Junaid Khan is working with Danish Nawaz for the second time and he considers him as a brilliant director.

“It’s always a great experience working with Danish Nawaz. He is a fantastic director and gives a lot of attention to the minute details. He works really hard on the character development and in Ishq Tamsha, especially, he has taken the script to another level with his wonderful visualization,” the actor added.

Ishq Tamasha is expected to air on Hum TV by the end of this month (Feb 2018).

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