The teaser trailer for the film IT chapter 2 is out and it will surely give you goosebumps. In IT Chapter 2 all the kids from the loser club have come back to their hometown however as they come back Pennywise also makes a return and the film is set 3 decades after the first film.

The teaser trailer mainly focuses on Jessica Chastain who is playing the role of adult version of Beverly the kid version was played by Sophia Lillis, the teaser trailer shows us one scene from the film and then suddenly gives us glimpses of all the other scenes not like any other horror film teaser that gives us jump scares.

We see Beverly who visits her old home where she used to live with her abusive father however now there’s an old woman living in that house she looks normal however there is something fishy in that house and later on in the teaser we found out that the old woman is connected to Pennywise.  

The film is based on the horror novel written by Stephen King and the film showcases a dark soul who appears as a clown called pennywise the dancing clown, and it comes to life after every 27 years. Pennywise the clown hunts down children. In the first part of the film some children from the Losers club who are bullied by everyone confront pennywise and they send him back from where he came.

Stephen Kings Adaptation of IT became the highest grossing horror film last year. Critics from all over the world loved the film and the film got a total of 88% score on rotten tomatoes.

IT Chapter 2 will be releasing September 6 2019.


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