James wan who is mostly known for his horror films has said that he wants to direct a horror Batman film. James Wan has recently directed AquaMan which will be releasing on December 21 2018. James Wan has revealed that he wanted to make Batman movie but with a twist. The director who is known mostly for the films in the Conjuring Universe says that his take on the Caped Hero would have been horror.

At the Aquaman Junket James Wan spoke to heroic Hollywood where h said “In the past, like most people, I loved the idea of directing Batman, but a horror version of Batman. That would be a potential fantasy of mine, but I feel like he’s been done quite a fair bit. But, I do love the idea of doing an outright scary Batman. I feel like that’d be really cool.”

Batman is a franchise that is loved by the people and is done in many different ways, currently Matt Reeves is developing a take on the character, before him it was ben Affleck in Batman VS Superman and he was also good in Justice League.

Christian Bale’s Batman in the Christopher Nolan movies consisted of a dark Knight Batman whose suit was full of explosives and military weapons. And let’s forget the 90’s Batman George Clooney and Michael Keaton as well.

Well Batman is always active at the nights when the crimes in Gotham city are at peak and maybe these events also associate the comic book hero in the horror genre. There are also various Batman stories which are kind of horror including Batman and Dracula, Batman: Gothic  and there are many more to add to the list.

Well let’s hope James Wan works on a Batman film currently his film Aquaman is being awaited at the Box Office let’s see what wonders the film can actually do at the box office.