Javeria Saud has launched her own YouTube channel which is titled as ‘Javeria Saud’. The actress has launched her channel just a week ago and viewers will be getting to see the everyday life of Javeria Saud.

Speaking to us Javeria said “my son Ibrahim who is now 8 years old always told me to create a YouTube channel since he was 5 but as time passed I got to know that nowadays everything is on the digital media and thus I decide to create my own YouTube channel.”

She further added on “I also decided to launch my personal YouTube channel because many people have created fake accounts on different social media sites and they use my personal information spreading fake news so this is also one reason I have started my YouTube channel the episodes will be produced by my husband Saud.”

Talking about her YouTube content she shared with us “I will be introducing my viewers to my everyday lifestyle which will be including how I live my life my daily plans and routine I will also be ccoking new things and I plan to go to my friend’s homes and make them cook as well and for the viewers, whoever will be viewing my videos and sending me messages, I will also try to go to their places and help them in cooking other than that I will also be doing makeup tutorials.”

Looks like Javeria Saud will be providing us with some quality content.