Jawad Bashir is a Pakistani film and television director, actor and singer. Jawad Bashir was born in Lahore and studied at the National College of Arts. No doubt Jawad Bashir is the director who brought innovation to TV drama serial industry of Pakistan especially in sitcoms.

We asked Jawad bashir the well known director that what made him produce a web series like Pappu Lashkara. Jawad Bashir replied to us

“This is the new generation and this generation is all about the web and all the people mostly use the web these days, well we Pakistani’s are kinda behind from the other people but we are know no less than anyone so I decided that I should produce a web series as you all know the future is all in the web. The web dramas are really fun and exciting and if we note the point then it should be visible that web dramas are being neglected in Pakistan we are not giving them much attention i’m the first one to do this because this is the future and also it will be done in India too, i have made this web series for Hum TV’s online TV and now i’m working on 3 more web series as I’m a well known person and people will be doing this, producers should get to know that web series should be done because on a low budget you can make new ideas and and its also fun basically i’m doing this because I want to become the trend setter as I’m a risk taker. I’m also a film producer and i’m working on my next feature film Master Jee.

Pappu Lashkar was my first work and i’m going to star in my other web drama’s too.”

Jawad Bashir has also been prominent as a video director. Most of his videos are

funky with a humorous touch. He has also directed two films in his career Maya in 2015 and Teri Meri love story which came out in 2016.