jazz golden number

Pakistan Telecom Service Provider Jazz has brought a unique initiative for its customer by name of Jazz Golden Number Auction by this jazz customers can get premium contact number for their use.

Jazz Golden Number Auction work same at the other auction works , by logon to their portal jazz customers can give bid for available number and by wining auction can get the number.  by logon to given url can avail this service   auction.jazz.com.pk


Buy Jazz Golden Numbers Online

Bidders can easily enroll themselves through the online portal by punching in their e-mail, name, CNIC number, mobile number and define the method of payment, for which JazzCash services can also be availed.

An entry fee of PKR 1000 has to be paid for successful registration as a bidder. Once the user has entered the auction, they can choose from a wide array of Jazz Golden Numbers and place their bids with the highest bid entitled to win.