Red sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton, is one of the movies which will be releasing in the nect couple of months. The first teaser trailer of the movie was merely a glimpse into the dark world of espionage, sexual manipulation and double agents. The new clip of the movie is more detailed look towards the story and the character of Jennifer Lwrence who is playing as Dominika Egorova.

Domininka is one of the sparrows which is a special school that taught them to seduce enemies and extract all the intelligence from them. Turning them into deadly seductive assassins. The film is based on the book written by the former CIA officer Jason Mathews.

Red sparrow is being directed by Francis Lawrence, Jennifer has worked with Francis Lawrence previously in the hunger games series. The movie will be showing us the dirty truth about the world of all those nasty intelligence agencies. There is also a quote from the movie “Red Sparrow” which the headmistress of the school said ““Every human being is a puzzle of need. You must become the missing piece, and they will tell you anything.” This is how the sparrows work, isn’t that amazing I never knew things like this ever exist.

Joel Edgerton plays as a CIA officer in the movie who tries to convince Dominika Egorova ( Jennifer Lawrence) to join hands with him, basically become a traitor or in other words a double agent. Why would she not be a traitor to a country who forced her to become seducing deadly assassin and that too assassinating deadly men. Well that’s the question running in Dominika’s mind and she’ll have to make up her mind about whats she’s going to be doing, this movie is going to be a complete thriller with a lot of suspense.

Red sparrow also has a good supporting cast like Jeremy Irons and Mary Louise Parker, uptil now the movie looks good and it would be hitting the theatres on March 2 2018 in the United States