Avengers Endgame director Joe Russo has revealed that he would like to direct a Batman Movie. The director revealed this in Q&A session which was conducted by Comicbook.com, Joe Russo who helmed the final two films of Avengers with his brother Anthony Russo was asked that which DC film he would like to direct.

Joe Russo answered “As far as what I collected as a kid, I collected Batman. That was one of the DC characters I collected. So it would have to be Batman.”

It would be really interesting to find out what kind of Batman movie Joe Russo will direct. We can only imagine a perfect masterpiece with great CGI and some Special Effects that were also used in the Avengers: Endgame which made the film look extraordinary, talking about the plot well the Russo’s would actually plot the story really well.

The Batman franchise is currently under the hand of Matt Reeves who also directed the final two films in The planet of apes franchise. Matt Reeves is currently scripting a new Batman film and he is looking for a younger Batman and his film will be based on the detective aspect of the superhero.

Ben Affleck who played Batman has hanged his caped, Ben Affleck’s performances were loved by many however the failure of Justice League and Batman VS Superman was not up to the mark.

DC film are not that much focused like they used to be after the failure of Justice League now the DCEU is focusing on more Standalone films.


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