John Abraham’s film Parmanu is basically based on India when it successfully declared itself as a Nuclear power. In 1998 India became a nuclear power country. When military tests were held in the city of Pokhran and this mission created a lot of conspiracies however the truth about the story was not revealed until the mission was completed.

Parmanu: The story of Pokhran is based on the same incident which stars John Abraham in the lead role.  And it shows us the story that how India Achieved the Nuclear power identity. Many controversies and delays have taken place in the production of this film and now finally the teaser of the film has been released by the makers after going through some difficult times.

Since the beginning of the films production the film has been under controversies because of the problems between the co-producers of the film JA entertainment and Kriarj Productions. John’s banner on Monday announced the termination of a contract with KriArj Entertainment for Parmanu – The Story Of Pokhran, which has been delayed since last year.

Abishek Sharma the film’s director is very happy with the release of the film and this is what he had to say regarding the film  “Much in line with India’s journey to becoming a nuclear power, our film’s journey to its release has also had its own ups and downs! However, it is perhaps a befitting tribute to the true heroes of our nuclear programme we are extremely proud of the film and what it stands for and can’t wait to take it to our audience on May 4, 2018.”

Parmanu: the story of Pokhran is a film based on true evemts but has fictional characters in the film. It is a tribute to the army and scientists of India who made India into a nuclear power.