Keanu Reeves is back with another part of the John Wick franchise John Wick 3. The films lead role is played by Keanu reeves who is playing the role of John Wick an assassin.  Directed by Chad Stahelski the film is in the making and is produced under the banner of Lionsgate summit entertainment. It will be releasing on May 17 2019.

Well the cast of the film is quite vast as it includes Keanu reeves as John wick, Halle Barry will be playing the female lead role of Sofia in the film, Anjelica Huston will be playing the role of director in the film, Asia Kate Dillon is the adjudicator of the High Table, Mark Dacascos is the assassin named zero and Jason Mantzoukas will be playing the Tick Tock Man. This cast been has been reportedly selected for the film.

The story will be starting after the end of John Wick 2 as John wick tries to live a happy but fails to do so, and the next big thing he has in his life is a 14 million US dollar tag on his head. Multiple bounty hunters are out on the chase for John Wick but will they be able to match John Wicks abilities. The director said that he will not be spending a lot on the film however the film will be loaded with action.

We will be seeing John wick fighting his way out of New York City and he will face every kind of Assassin. John Wick finally decided that he want to retire from the assassin corporation. The story also tell us that John Wick can only use his high table contract for his safety however John wick decides to get rid of the High Table Contract. Well will John wick the greatest assassin take down everyone?

Lionsgate motion pictures chairman Joe drake said in an interview “We’re thrilled to bring audiences the third installment of our hit ‘John Wick’ franchise with an exciting cast and world-class creative team.”

The first two films of the franchise collected almost 260 million US dollars at the box office and the third part is also on the go. Well the story of John Wick is really exciting packed with action and thrill. This is all what we know about the film. John wick is coming with more action.