Jhoony Depp Jokar Avatar Movie

Well as we all know Matt Reeves has roped in Johnny Depp to play the role of DC’s Iconic villain The Joker. Fans all over the world are hyped up to see Johnny Depp as the Joker and that is when Instagrammer’s boss logic posted a fan art of Johnny Depp as the joker and the visualization is perfect.


Johnny Depp As The Joker

John Turturro will be playing the role of Carmine Faclone the head of the Falcone Crime Family he is also the biggest mobster in gotham. Actor Paul Dano has also been roped in to play the role of the Riddler and the makers will also be introducing us to a catwoman which will be layed by Zoe Kravtiz whereas commissioner Gordon will be played by Jeffrey Wright.

Currently the plot details are under the wrap however speaking to the media Pattinson said “I really like Matt Revees. The upcoming Batman film is something from the comics that hasn’t been explored yet. It’s kind of crazy shoes to fill. It’s interesting the different directions you can take with it, When you look at the different tones of those movies and tv shows, you realise you can do quite a lot with it.”

A cast full of Batman villains well the sauce of the film is just getting hotter day by day.

Matt Reeves the director of the film had also made it clear a few days back that the film’s production halt will be prolonged due to the covid-19 and the directors wants everyone safety first.