It has been reported that Matt Reeves is now looking out for a Joker in his upcoming film and it is being said that the makers are eying on Johnny Depp for the role of iconic Joker in the film.

Recent reports have it that Johnny Depp will be playing the role of Joker once again and that can be one of the best chances of his life as his acting career was slowly coming to an end but with Disney calling him back to play Jack Sparrow and Matt Reeves eyeing on him for Joker things may take a really positive turn for Depp.

Recently Matt Reeves has also revealed the Batmobile for the upcoming Batman film which will be starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader.  However the Batmobile is not an advanced version it is the simple version just like in the comics, a classic car with not so many weapons.

Currently the plot details are under the wrap however speaking to the media Pattinson said “I really like Matt Revees. The upcoming Batman film is something from the comics that hasn’t been explored yet. It’s kind of crazy shoes to fill. It’s interesting the different directions you can take with it, When you look at the different tones of those movies and tv shows, you realise you can do quite a lot with it.”

John Turturro will be playing the role of Carmine Faclone the head of the Falcone Crime Family he is also the biggest mobster in gotham. Actor Paul Dano has also been roped in to play the role of the Riddler and the makers will also be introducing us to a catwoman which will be layed by Zoe Kravtiz whereas commissioner Gordon will be played by Jeffrey Wright.

Batman is all set to release on 25 July 2021.